Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ben Folds portriat

Acrylic painting demo I did for my class. I love his piano style and lyrics.

Ben Folds

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searsyboy said...

Hey Jay,

My name is Greg Sears and I just ran across your picture when I searched Ben Folds on Google Images. I really like it a lot! My fiance's birthday is coming up and she's a huge Ben Folds fan and I've been looking for a good poster for weeks and still haven't found one. Desperate, I decided to just search Ben Folds images on the internet to see what I could come up with and saw this. I know she would love your picture. I'm not looking to buy the original piece off of you at all, but if you could contact me via e-mail @ gesears@loop.colum.edu maybe we could figure something out.