Thursday, March 22, 2007

Piece Accepted in West Coast Art Show

My Fixation and Fusion illustration has just been selected for eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopaedics in Art.The eMotion Pictures exhibit will open in San Francisco on March, 2008 at the Moscone Convention Center in the West Lobby. Approximately 200 pieces of art from artists and orthopedic surgeons will be displayed in a professionally-designed scheme with placards next to each piece telling about the artists and the work’s relationship to orthopaedics. They will advertise the show locally in San Francisco, and distribute the information to the media internationally. eMotion is planning to produce a book of the artwork and the artists’ stories that will be available at the exhibit. So stayed tuned for the book.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

On the cover and inside my alma mater

This month I am proud and honored to be featured not only on the cover with one of my illustrations but on the inside with a one page article about me in LaGrange College's Alumni Magazine - Columns. I graduated with a BA from LaGrange College, LaGrange, GA, in 1992. Studying there played a huge part in who I am today. Majoring in Drawing & Painting and Graphic Design, in a liberal arts college, I learned the base set of skills that made this illustration for the cover. Even though this cover was not originally done for Columns, the Editor, Dean Hartman and Designer, Stacy Jackson, thought it would be appropriate subject matter and concept for this issue. I originally did this for PTO Today magazine in 2003. I tweaked the layers a bit so the Stacy could separate the people on the inside spread. What's even more interesting is that I was found by the creators of Columns from the LaGrange College alumni website where this my other blog is listed as one of the blogs that all alumni can see. Dean and a photographer, David Beard, came to my studio for an interview and photos. It was a good experience all around.

Click to enlarge and read.
The article is a good representation of who I am.